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      Five Elements Incense

      Buckley and Phillips, Australian made incense offers a premium blend of incense made from the highest quality ingredients and cosmetic grade fragrances. The aromatic effect of fragrant incense can affect our moods, memory, behaviour and emotions. This is because the fragrance is detected by our sense of smell, which is directly in contact with a part of our brain.

      Earth: Sweet, floral with an undertone of cinnamon, vanilla and musk.

      Aromatic Inspirations: Balance, integrity, movement and prosperity.

      Fire: Sweet, fruity notes, a little sharp and spicy, with a woody undertone.

      Aromatic Inspirations: Wisdom, balance, honour and respect.

      Metal: Fruity, sweet, amber notes and mossy, wood tone.

      Aromatic Inspirations: Detail, mindful, honourable and precise.

      Water: Fragrance of honeysuckle, jasmine, magnolia, with a vanilla and toffee note.

      Aromatic Inspirations: Influence, insight, clarity and flexibility.

      Wood: Frangipani, oak moss, musk, sandalwood and patchouli.

      Aromatic Inspirations: Trust, empathy, generosity and diplomacy.