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      Shoyeido Magnifiscents Jewel Incense

      Shoyeido have created the Jewel series to evoke the energies of five precious crystals that reflect balance, power, awareness, strength and devotion. These blends are made with 100% natural ingredients using the finest fragrant herbs, woods and spices, sustainably sourced from around the world.

      Amethyst – Balance Ingredients: Sandalwood – Santali lignum, Cinnamon – Cinnamononi cortex, Saussurea – Saussureae radix and Spices

      Scent: Smooth, sweet, fresh floral bouquet.

      Aromatic Benefits: The essence of Amethyst blend is ideal for creating a meditative space as it instills a state of balance, awareness, peace and harmony.


      Diamond – Power Ingredients: Sandalwood – Santali lignum, Frankincense – Olibanum, Cinnamon – Cinnamononi cortex, Ginger lily – Kaempferiae rhizoma and Spices.

      Scent: Sweet, woody, spring flowers with a hint of ginger.

      Aromatic Benefits: Frankincense the principal ingredient can create an uplifting refreshing energy, bringing one’s own personal power.


      Emerald - Awareness Ingredients: Sandalwood – Santali lignum, Fennel – Foenuculum vulgare, Cinnamon – Cinnamononi cortex, Clove – Caryophylli flos and Spices

      Scent: Smooth, subtle, sweet, wood with an early morning floral note.

      Aromatic Benefits: The bouquet of Emerald incense can create awareness as it lifts one’s consciousness and spirit. Great for an extra boost of regenerative energy.


      Ruby - Strength Ingredients: Cinnamon – Cinnamononi cortex, Sandalwood – Santali lignum, Saussurea – Saussureae radix, Patchouli – Pogostemi herba and Spices

      Scent: Sweet, fruity, flowers, with a subtle woody undertone.

      Aromatic Benefits: Ruby incense brings in energetic properties of courage, passion, strength, inspiration and insight. Creating a positive atmosphere as we experience the journey of a full life.


      Sapphire – Devotion Ingredients: Sandalwood – Santali lignum, Clove – Caryophylli flos, Benzoin – Benzoinum and Spices

      Scent: A spicy, sweet, oriental, woody tone.

      Aromatic Benefits: This blend creates a calm inviting space, as it inspires devotion to thy self. A wonderful choice for the evening, as it can clear the mind and induce a meditative, theta state which is the brain wave before delta, a deep dreamless sleep.