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      Shoyeido Angelic Japanese Incense

      Awareness of angelic forces transcends time and culture. These five uplifting scents were created to summon the spirit of Angels and enhance the joyful, loving essence of life. Shoyeido Angelic Japanese incense is hand made with 100% natural ingredients using the best aromatic herbs, woods, resins and spices, sustainably sourced from around the world.

      Hope Ingredients: Sandalwood – Santali lignum, Frankincense – Olibanum, Vanilla – Vanilla fructus, Ginger lily – Kaempferiae rhizoma and Spices.

      Scent: Subtle, sweet, vanilla, spring flowers with a faint, hint of wood. Reminds me of a quality talcum powder.

      Aromatic Benefits: The balance of frankincense and sandalwood uplifts and restores the energy centres. It lends strength and optimism to the present moment.

      Inspiration Ingredients: Sandalwood – Santali lignum, Borneol Camphor – Dryobalanops camphora and Spices.

      Scent: Smooth, spicy, woody tones, with a subtle floral note.

      Aromatic Benefits: The uplifting scent of sandalwood is the quintessential ingredient that imbues creative, expansion of consciousness, as it initiates new pathways to the senses.

      Joy Ingredients: Tea Leaves, Sandalwood – Santali lignum, Clove – Caryophylli flos, Vanilla – Vanilla fructus and Spices.

      Scent: Vanilla, fruity, subtle sweet talc with a very mild woody undertone.

      Aromatic Benefits: The unique blend of sandalwood, tea, clove and vanilla creates a joyful scent, which can evoke feelings of fun, happiness and a delightful ambiance, elevating the spirit.

      Love Ingredients: Benzoin – Benzoinum, Sandalwood - Santali lignum, Balsam Tolu - Myroxylon balsamum and Spices.

      Scent: Warm, mellow, sweet, subtle, oriental wood with a mild floral and spicy undertone.

      Aromatic Benefits: A distinctive recipe of resins, herbs and sandalwood provides a subtle whisper of love. We are always surrounded by love and it is wonderful feeling when we receive a reminder.

      Peace Ingredients: Myrrh - Commiphora myrrha, Sandalwood – Santali lignum, Clove – Caryophylli flos and Spices

      Scent: Mild, spicy, wood with a subtle sweet spring floral note.

      Aromatic Benefits: The combination of myrrh and sandalwood awakens the senses to create a space of stillness, inner peace and harmony as it restores the mind, body and spirit.