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      Size Range:

      • 8cm (3") long 10g Mini bundle
      • 11cm (4") long 30g Small bundle
      • 17cm (7") long 50g Regular bundle
      • 20cm(8") long 70g Large bundle


      These Smudge sticks are handmade and wild crafted from the coastal mountains of Southern California. Salvia apiana is the botanical name for white sage, which is one of the many plant medicines founded by the American Indian people. The skilled Artisans precisely, bundle the white sage into smudge sticks. When lit the smudge stick smolders and emits a strong aromatic smoke which can be a beneficial spiritual tool for clearing, cleansing, healings and sacred ceremony.

       Benefits of White Sage:

      • Energising, reviving and rejuvenating.
      • Clearing and cleansing a space, place, person and/or object.
      • Establishing protection.
      • Evoke visions, through our sense of smell.
      • To bring in love, light and new (positive) energies.
      • Incense for enjoyment and/or to induce meditation.
      • Spiritual practices, blessings and ceremonies.
      • Highly recommended for adult use only.