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      Shoyeido Kyoto Moon Japanese Incense

      Kyoto Moon fragrances are designed to embody the dynamic, eternal and cyclic phases of the moon. This celestial influence can have an impact on planetary life, nature and mother earth. The creation of three lunar energies is symbolised with the wonderful fragrances of abundance, creativity and tranquility. Uniquely blended with 100% sustainable, natural ingredients and handmade, employing traditional methods.
      Creativity Ingredients: Cinnamon – Cinnamononi cortex, Clove – Caryophylli flos and Spices.
      Scent: Subtle, sweet, smooth, fruit with a spring floral note.
      Aromatic Benefits: This captivating blend of cinnamon and clove is designed to stimulate energies, as it ignites your imagination, passion and creative desires.
      Tranquility Ingredients: Sandalwood – Santali lignum, Cedar Wood –  Juniperus virginiana and Spices.
      Scent: Mild woody note with a musk undertone.
      Aromatic Benefits: The balance of sandalwood and cedar promotes a
      soothing, peaceful, serene environment, while remaining grounded.