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      Espiritus Del Andes Incense

      Espiritus Del Andes incense is handcrafted by the local community as part of a Fairtrade project. 100% of Espiritus incense ingredients are natural, sustainably sourced and native to the Andes Mountains.

      Palo Santo wood is harvested from trees that have been lying around for up to 10 years after a natural death. The aromatic healing properties of Palo Santo wood is beneficial for meditation, creativity, health, cleansing, purification and connection with Devine energies.

      Wiracoya is a low-lying plant native to Peru, locally utilised as the foundation for incense. The botanical name is currently unavailable because ascertaining the precise species of wiracoya is part of an ongoing investigation. The aromatic qualities of wiracoya can stimulate the power of directed and/or focused action.

      The following blends offer a diverse range of scents and energies:

      Copal means resin and this copal is found inside petrifying forests deep within jungles of the American Continent. Healing properties can include clearing, cleansing, purification and protection.

      Myrrh resin is harvested from Commiphora myrrha tree that has a distinctive scent and energy, which can bring clarity, focus, lightness, inner truth, an open heart and enlightenment.

      Pine is an aromatic resin found in evergreen trees that can be beneficial for healing, cleansing, ceremony, rejuvenation, strength, compassion and communication.

      Rosemary is a Mediterranean bush which can be beneficial for healing memory, dreaming, wisdom, clarity and protection.