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      Please note If purchasing Mystic Jade (Peace), I only have a picture of Mystic Jade formally known as Peace, if purchased the packaging will say Peace unless you email me and ask for the latest stock in new packaging.

      Amethyst (Balance)

      Ingredients: Sandalwood (Santali lignum), Cinnamon (Cinnamononi cortex), Saussurea (Saussureae radix) and Spices

      Scent: Smooth, sweet, fresh floral bouquet

      Aromatic Benefits: The essence of Amethyst blend is ideal for creating a meditative space as it instills a state of balance, awareness, peace and harmony.

      Blue Topaz (Joy)

      Ingredients: Tea Leaves, Sandalwood (Santali lignum), Clove (Caryophylli flos), Vanilla (Vanilla fructus) and Spices

      Scent: Vanilla, fruity, subtle sweet talc with a very mild woody undertone

      Aromatic Benefits: Formally known as Joy, this unique blend of ingredients has an uplifting scent that can awaken feelings of fun and happiness, as it creates a delightful ambiance in the space, elevating our emotional state of Being.

      Diamond (Power)

      Ingredients: Sandalwood (Santali lignum, Frankincense (Olibanum), Cinnamon (Cinnamononi cortex), Ginger lily (Kaempferiae rhizoma) and Spices

      Scent: Sweet, woody, spring flowers with a hint of ginger

      Aromatic Benefits: Healing properties of frankincense and sandalwood can clear and cleanse as it evokes an uplifting refreshing energy, bringing in one’s own personal power

      Emerald (Awareness)

      Ingredients: Sandalwood (Santali lignum), Fennel (Foenuculum vulgare), Cinnamon (Cinnamononi cortex), Clove (Caryophylli flos) and Spices

      Scent: Smooth, subtle, sweet, wood with an early morning floral note

      Aromatic Benefits: The bouquet of Emerald incense can create awareness as it lifts one’s consciousness and spirit. Great for an extra boost of rejuvenating energy

      Mystic Jade (Peace)

      Ingredients: Myrrh (Commiphora myrrha), Sandalwood (Santali lignum), Clove (Caryophylli flos) and Spices

      Scent: Mild, spicy, wood with a subtle sweet spring floral note

      Aromatic Benefits: The combination of myrrh and sandalwood can awaken the senses to create a space of stillness, tranquillity, and harmony as it restores the mind, body and spirit

      Obsidian (Hope)

      Ingredients: Sandalwood (Santali lignum), Frankincense (Olibanum), Vanilla (Vanilla fructus), Ginger lily (Kaempferiae rhizoma) and Spices

      Scent: Subtle, sweet, vanilla, spring flowers with a faint, hint of wood. Reminds me of a quality talcum powder

      Aromatic Benefits: This synergistic blend uplifts and restores the energy centres, with the intention to bring hope. With hope we can create new dreams, leading to new futures as it lends strength and optimism to the present moment.

      Rose Crystal (Love)

      Ingredients: Sandalwood, Spikenard (Nardostachys jatamansi), Benzoin (Styracaceae from Sumatra) and spices

      Scent: Sandalwood, resin and herbs are united in this splendid, sentimental favourite.

      Aromatic Benefits: Love the ultimate healing balm, soothing, balance & uplifting

      Ruby (Strength)

      Ingredients: Cinnamon (Cinnamononi cortex), Sandalwood (Santali lignum), Saussurea (Saussureae radix), Patchouli (Pogostemi herba) and Spices

      Scent: Sweet, fruity, flowers, with a subtle woody undertone

      Aromatic Benefits: Ruby incense brings in energetic properties of courage, passion, strength, inspiration and insight. Creating a positive atmosphere as we experience the journey of a full life.